4 Steps to a Healthier U!!

4 Steps to a Healthier U!!
Balance in all things is critical to maintaining health, not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. In the hectic drive of today's world, many of us forget to take care of their most important asset, themselves. In an effort to help in all ages learn to take care of and nurture themselves, here are 4 easy ideas you can use to bring balance and harmony into your life.
For years, we have heard how exercise is an integral part of achieving and sustaining good health. Exercise does more that keep your heart healthy and toned. Exercise improves the performance of your lungs. It improves your circulation by increasing the exchange rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Exercise activates many internal mechanisms, which help to cleanse and toned the body. Exercise also stimulates endorphins, which help to reduce stress, fight depression and lift your spirits.
Exercise is not only aerobics, weight lifting, cycling or jogging. This level of exertion isn't necessary to have and maintain balance in our lives. If you are not engaged in any kind of exercise program, begin one. Simple acts such as walking, yoga and even stretching can have a beneficial effect on your body and spirit. Incorporate one of these activities into your daily routine. Pick a specific time of day. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes a day to work on your physical well-being. As you become comfortable with the activity, increase its length. Add another 5 minutes every week or two. Is this asking too much for you?
Eat Right
Eating right is another key toward having and maintaining health and balance in your life. As our society changes and the basis of life becomes accelerated, many of us get trapped in the idea that faster is better. How many times have you found yourself getting frustrated as you sit in your car waiting in line at a fast food restaurant? Or watch as the clock ticks away, counting down the seconds until the microwave announces that your food selection is ready?
In order to fuel the fires of our being, we need to consume the right blend of nutrients in order for our bodies to function correctly. Eating healthy is easy. Reduce or eliminate processed or convenience foods from your diet, replacing them with whole grains, chicken and fish. Try to incorporate a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into your food regimen, looking to eat a leafy green salad and a piece of fruit daily. Even with these small changes in your diet, I think you will find a healthier, happier you.
Vitamins & Minerals
Hand in hand with eating healthy is the use of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Even individuals that consume a healthful diet may lack certain vitamins and minerals we need. By taking a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement you will be taking yet another step toward ensuring you are getting all of the nourishment your body needs.
Stress is a word we are all too familiar with. If it is not the job, it is the kids. If it isn't the kids, it is some unexpected expense you haven't budgeted for. Let's face it, stress is accepted as a basic part of our lives. When we are whole in body, mind and spirit, we do not experience stress. We experience stress when we choose to hold onto energies and emotions as opposed to accepting them and allowing them to flow through us, or "to roll off our backs". Stress reduction is an integral part of bringing balance back into your life. Stress has been identified with burnout and fatigue, a lowered immune system and an increase in free radical damage.
There are a number of simple things you can do to help reduce or eliminate the stress you are experiencing in your life. Meditation, for example, is a great technique to use. Meditation can be either active or passive. Active meditation includes exercise, drawing or dancing. Even activities such as doing the dishes or raking the lawn can have a relaxing therapeutic effect.
Meditation can also be passive utilizing techniques such as concentration, breath control and even creative visualization. Each of these activities distracts the conscious mind and allows unwanted thoughts and emotions to drain away.
In today's hectic world, the pendulum of your life swings violently from one side to the other. If you hold equality in one hand and nurturing in the other, what do you find in the middle.Yourself. Take the time to give to yourself daily. Giving to yourself, honoring yourself and loving yourself is important. As you take the time to eat right, exercise, meditate or fulfill your own need, you will begin to experience a sense of empowerment, peace and harmony. Each step that you take will help to bring the scales back into balance. Did you ever think that a mere 30 minutes a day could give you so much?

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