10 Winter Food for Weight Loss

10 Winter Food for Weight Loss
There was a time when dieting was the only way we knew to effectively lose weight. However, over time we've realised that weight loss isn't just about eating less food or hitting the gym but also about digesting food faster. Therefore, metabolism plays a vital role in maintaining your health and weight too. So check out the 10 regular foods that help boost your metabolism.
• Egg whites: Egg whites contain branched-chain amino acids. This chemical helps you digest your food easily. Egg whites are also filled with lots of proteins and Vitamin D. So now add an egg white omelet to your breakfast menu.
• Spinach: Leafy veggies like spinach help boost your metabolism too. Plus, they are high on proteins, which means less fats to digest.
• Lean meat: Choose skinless chicken breast or lean fish as they are low on cholesterol and will help you keep saturated fats at bay.
• Water: If you are dehydrated, your metabolism process is slowed down. So make sure you drink about 12 glass of water every day and keep yourself hydrated.
• Chilli: Chilli peppers contain chemicals that help increase the metabolism pace. Even mild pepper flakes can help you erase up to 100 calories a day.
• Whole grain: Whole grains burn body fat as they can easily break down fatty acids. Whole grains are also rich in fiber, which help aid digestion.
• Tofu: Tofu is made out of soya bean, which is low on calories. It also helps you digest your food easily and speeds up your metabolism.
• Milk:  Milk is high in calcium that helps the body digest fats more efficiently. So add a glass of milk to your diet. 
P.S. If you are lactose intolerant, please avoid this.
• Green tea: Green tea contains antioxidants that increase metabolism. It also contains a compound called EGCG that helps in burn fat.
• Coffee: Caffeine is considered the best metabolism booster. Studies say coffee can boost your metabolism by 5 to 8 per cent metabolism. So now don't feel guilty while having that coffee sip.

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